Andrea Lasagna - Fastweb

Andrea Lasagna is Data & Video Services Manager in Fastweb. He is within Fastweb since 1999 and is committed on IP network development and services for residential and business customers. Before he took part in Vodafone Omitel start-up and worhed 6 years in Digital.

Enrico Mordillo - RAI

Enrico Mordillo, RAI Data&Phone Network Director. He works within RAI since 2000, initially managing Network Operations and then in the whole area. Before he worked in Omintel since 1994 to 2000, in the IT network start-up. He had a degree on Informatics at Turin University in 1991. He was born in Naples. Now he lives […]

Silvano Gai - Senior Fellow- Nuova Systems

Silvano Gai, who grew up in a small village near Asti, Italy, has over twenty seven years of experience in computer engineering and computer networks.
He is he author of several books and technical publications on computer networking and has written multiple Internet Drafts and RFCs.
He is responsible for 30 issued patents and 50 patent applications. […]

John Souter, CEO, LINX

John Souter joined LINX as chief executive in March 2001.
John had a 20 year career with the British Standards Institution, culminating in his directorship of BSI Quality Assurance.
In 1996 he became vice president for systems and operations with Mobile Systems International Plc, whose Planet software product is used in planning GSM and paging networks.
In 1998 […]

Joao Damas

Joao became involved with the Internet in the early 90s during graduate
studies at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and later as the network engineer in charge of all network services for the University.
From there he worked briefly with the Spanish Academic network and then onto RIPE NCC starting as a network engineer and becoming CTO.
Joao moved […]

Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist, APNIC

Geoff Huston has been working in the Internet for ages. He started the
Australian Academic and Research Network back in the 80’s and then worked at Telstra.
He’s been involved in the ISP industry as an operations manager, peering coordinator, network engineer, and architect. He is now APNIC’s Chief Scientist.
He’s been an IETF member since the early […]